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HighWired Team

HighWired was founded by a team of veterans from the High Technology, Entertainment, and Communications industries. With over 100 years of cumulative experience, we have combined Oscar and Grammy Award winning expertise with premier engineering talent and a management team with extensive entrepreneurial experience. This combination of skill sets makes our approach to the market unique and secures our competitive edge.

David Levine

Consultant - CTO
With over 20 years of technical leadership, Mr. Levine has been Chief Architect for process management software, designed and implemented Oracle's first low end database, managed the engineering team for Borland on the Delphi project, and was CTO and architecture for a peer-to-peer infrastructure for instantly and reliably securing millions of computing devices and performing critical IT management functions. Mr. Levine holds patents pending in the development of EverServe, Synchron Networks IP. Levine was also responsible for the developing the database code for importing site content to handle massive scalability for NetFlix, a leading DVD rental web site.

Mr. Levine holds a degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and graduated with High Honors.

Gabriel DeWitt

Consultant - Software Engineering
Mr. DeWitt started his decade of Internet engineering experience at Silicon Graphics MIPS Technologies Inc., and has continued since then to excel in web application development with a focus on streaming services and client/server data exchange methodologies. Mr. DeWitt has started several of his own companies and holds a patent in video based virtual tours technology. He has built supply chain intranet applications, audio/video studios with networked video rendering, and provided specialty engineering for companies such as PictureTrail, Yackpack, and CDS-TSC.

Robert A. Ortalda, Jr

Consultant - CFO
Mr. Ortalda joined HighWired in March 2004. For over 15 years, Ortalda has been a senior financial executive serving various Silicon Valley technology companies. He is experienced in raising venture capital and angel financing, building and running finance, accounting and administration functions planning and strategic consulting to CEOs and other senior management. Ortalda gained his accounting experience through international CPA firm Hurdman & Cranstoun (now KPMG) in San Francisco. He has also served as Treasurer and Finance VP for Synchron Networks, a venture-backed Internet infrastructure software startup. Ortalda has also worked with HP, Citibank, MSI and Servio and has been on the advisory boards of a number of companies.

Ortalda holds a Bachelor of Commercial Science – Accounting from Santa Clara University. He is the author of How to Live Within Your Means and Still Finance Your Dreams (Simon & Schuster, 1990).

Donald Katz

Consultant - Sales
Mr. Katz joined HighWired in March, 2004. He has achieved much in his 36 years of experience in the Telco arena. Katz has managed the Messaging Solutions for both the consumer and business markets for Verizon Corporation with revenue of $1B. Katz has been responsible as establishing Voice Mail within Verizon as a key strategic product. He also responsible with designing, developing and implementing the first-ever land-line personalized voice mail greetings. Mr. Katz has also held other positions within Verizon including Group Product Manager, Messaging Solutions, Director, Consumer Market Management where he oversaw the evaluation and implementation of co-marketing opportunities and other value-add enhancements to specific consumer segments.

Mr. Katz is a recognized leader and advocate of messaging services, operating as Chair of an international messaging industry association (TMIA), comprised of 105 company members. Katz holds a Master of Science in Telecommunication Management & Computing from Polytechnic University as well as a BS degree in Business from the University of Pittsburg and Adelphi University.

Rick Sutter

Consultant - Marketing
Mr. Sutter joins HighWired focusing on E Business Communications. Rick has over 20 years experience in Visual Media, Corporate Communications and Marketing. In 1981, Rick founded Frame By Frame Digital, a pioneer in International Multi Media Production Services. He has worked directly with a Who’s Who group of companies including Sega of America, Sony Computer Entertainment, Apple Computers, PIXAR, British Telecom and many more. Rick’s prime focus has been to work with companies to communicate visually in a variety of media’s. His company, Frame By Frame created interactive media, 3D animation, video deliverables, original audio and Internet services. Rick’s role has always been to work closely with company executives to take information and transform it visually for a variety of deliverables.

Rick graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a BS in Applied Economics.

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