Quick Start

The HighWired Quick Start program gets customers into the marketplace fast. You can find technical information for Quick Start integration on our developer portal.

Quick Start benefits include:

  • New revenues
  • Fun and entertaining experiences for users
  • Builds customer loyalty and increased usage frequency
  • Delivers instant revenue
  • Fast to market
  • No/low risk
  • Low costs to implement

Quick Start Features

  • HighWired hosts the Web based application

  • HighWired integrates the customerís branding (fonts & colors)

Message Delivery:
  • HighWired integrates over the any voicemail platform(s)
  • HighWired delivers all messages

Customer Support:
  • Technical support is provided via email with a response by the next business day
  • Billing support is provided by phone and email

Quick Start Plus

In addition to all of the features the Quick Start program affords, the Plus program delivers the following additional features:

  • HighWired bills using Credit Card billing
  • Maintains the merchant gateway
  • Delivers regular accounting reports
  • Delivers revenue to the customer

Message Delivery:
  • Analogue: HighWired will integrate an analogue adaptor over a new voicemail platform1
  • Digital: HighWired will deliver messages through an FTP feed2

  • Allows the local language to display automatically based on the browsers local setting or a language parameter3

    1. The customer is required to provide testing voicemail accounts for integration and ongoing testing.
    2. The customer is required to provide all FTP access information.
    3. The customer is required to translate the application pages into the local languages of their choice.

    Custom Integration

    While the Quick Start programs have a number of benefits, and may be an initial strategy to get to market quickly or for customer trials, many of our customers require a more custom approach as an ongoing solution. A cooperative effort between your engineering team and ours can accomplish this. Your team can download, review, and even test many of the features and functions available through our Salsatm APIs from our developer portal. For more information on our custom integration programs, contact HighWired sales.

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