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HighWired has developed a number of multimedia and supporting products and services. You can read more about our MyFunVoice and Salsatm products below, but if you would like to give them a spin, visit our MyFunVoice portal. You can send Vmails, create Web Greetings, Voicemail Greetings, and will soon be able to send Phun Messages to your friends!


MyFunVoice is our existing web application, with the "Web 2.0" capability that allows it to be embedded into any website.

Platform Compatibility

The MyFunVoice application is cross OS and cross browser compatible. We are currently compatible with Mac OS X with the Safari and Firefox browsers, and PC with the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Multimedia audio streaming and recording functions are facilitated server side by an Adobe Flash Media Server, and client side by the Flash Media Player browser plug in. Use of Adobe Flash allows us to leverage largest multimedia install base for browser based plug ins, one of the simplest installation procedures for clients that need to install or upgrade to a more current player, and the “always on” instantaneous streaming capability.


Customization of the style sheet used to control colors, fonts, and other formatting elements of MyFunVoice is available.


HighWired can handle the billing. To do this, we charge an upfront billing setup fee, and a per transaction ongoing expense fee. We create a new Chase Paymentech account, customize the statement message, and choose the billing currency. Customized billing plans (prices presented to the end user) are available and can be updated on an ongoing basis.


By default, the existing soundscape library as seen on www.myfunvoice.com is available, and is refreshed on a quarterly basis. For a fee we allow catalogue customization. Customization can be done at any time, such as once per quarter, never, once per month, etc.


There are a number of delivery options to choose from. These include:
  1. Anlog delivery through one of our currently supported carrier types
  2. Digital delivery through FTP
  3. Web Delivery (for embedding in web sites or sending via email).
Price points vary based on delivery type, volume, target region, etc. Contact HighWired sales for more information.

For a additional fees HighWired will implement any of the following:
  • An analog adaptor for a new carrier type, subject to providing HighWired the TUI documentation, test accounts, and anything else required for development.
  • A new, custom native digital delivery driver, subject to the customer providing appropriate technical documentation and support.


Salsatm is our API product, which allows for digital content delivery and extended interface flexibility.

Salsatm Integration

You can integrate Salsatm directly with your own software, without using MyFunVoice. This is appropriate for circumstances where customers need more customization of the application or user interface than is possible through MyFunVoice. For example, you could integrate Salsatm into a mobile hand set application, into a TUI, or into an existing web application. For more information on Salsatm integration visit our developer portal.

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