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Web 2.0

In the consumer market Web 2.0 has come to characterize “copy and paste” applications. This is accomplished by copying and pasting a snippet of basic code into almost any website, and a version of the Web 2.0 application will display and function there. From a user’s point of view, HighWired can deliver Web 2.0 capability do a distribution website that allows a user to embed a streaming player into an email (Vmail) or website (Web Play).

B2B – Web 2.0 Enabled

HighWired is taking the Web 2.0 model to the next level. Our products can be easily integrated into distribution websites. Using our Quick Launch approach, HighWired can provide baseline product support for things like user authentication and billing. The HighWired APIs deliver a more integrated solution, allowing HighWired’s customer to have much greater control over all aspects of the application.


One of the next focal points of technical convergence will be between the Internet and mobile phones. HighWired has become an expert in these areas, and has built a technical infrastructure that is capable of integrating with Web, telephone user interface (TUI), and phone based browsers. More importantly, we have developed relationships with customers and prospects on both sides of the convergence, each of which represent large scale distribution points with recognizable brands.

Online Upgrade

As cross platform multimedia experiences continue to proliferate, it is only natural that many of the major online businesses will upgrade their websites with similar features. HighWired is uniquely positioned to provide these services.

Europe & Asia

Many startups talk about getting to Europe and Asia. HighWired has deployed with a customer in Germany, and is working with another customer to deliver services to the Philippines. These deployments demonstrate our global reach capabilities. Pushing the envelope in these early adopter markets will ensure HighWired remains in front of competition limited to domestic markets.


One of the next big steps for HighWired is to move from audio to full multimedia. Several of our customers, including Glenayre, are working with HighWired on the co-development of video features that work with our existing audio capabilities. The advent of video iPods and smartphones with video broadcast capability makes this a natural fit for HighWired.

Telephone User Interface (TUI)

Putting a HighWired offering in the TUI navigation (push 7 to upgrade to a fun greeting) allows a greater exposure to the phone market. This essentially allows anyone with a phone that has voicemail to use the HighWired services. Several of HighWired’s customers, including UT Starcom, are working with HighWired on the co-development of a TUI based offering. For HighWired’s part, this type of offering fits naturally on top of the existing HighWired APIs.

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